Now open! In-house Dialysis

The state-of-the-art in-house dialysis center is here to improve our residents' quality of life, eliminate their draining commute and make the booking process a breeze - no more scheduling conflicts and hassles!

We're excited to partner with Concerto Renal Services to offer this incredible service for those who need it.

Our newly installed state-of-the-art in-house dialysis center:

  • Eliminates draining commutes
  • Enhances residents’ quality of life
  • Always has a time-slot available
  • Keeps schedules on-schedule
  • Reduces risk of infections
  • Promotes better care outcomes
  • Improves care coordination
  • Keeps schedules on-schedule

Ever since I began going to dialysis at Cartersville Center, things became so much less complicated. The staff works on coordinating with the rest of my schedule so I didn’t miss meals, therapies, medications, - or the weekly Bingo game, the highlight of my week.

Check out this month’s calendar for what’s in store over the next few weeks!

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monthly calendar